Show 001: Dr. David Schnarch

September 29th, 2012

All couples deal with the painful process of initiation and mismatched desire in the course of their relationship. Listen as Dr. David Schnarch, author of Intimacy and Desire: Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship and The Passionate Marriage offers time tested wisdom to make your relationship the people growing mechanism that it is. Through insightful case studies and helpful exercises, Dr. Schnarch unravels the gridlock that common sexual issues of boredom and low libido create. Developing deep and meaningful intimacy with your partner starts with growing yourself. Don’t miss this enlightening and helpful discussion on learning the basics of loving.

Dr. David Schnarch is a licensed clinical psychologist, internationally recognized expert on relationships and sexuality, and best-selling author of Passionate MarriageIntimacy & Desire, Resurrecting Sex, and Constructing the Sexual Crucible. He is the founder of Crucible® Therapy, an integrated treatment for sex, intimacy, and relationship problems, an approach which is studied by clinicians around the world. Crucible® Therapy differs from conventional couple’s therapy by emphasizing personal growth (“differentiation”) rather than communication skills, empathic listening, or compromise and negotiation. Differentiation-based Crucible Therapy teaches couples to tolerate the anxiety of communicating difficult things, while soothing one’s own emotional state which results in the ability for each partner to grow individually and becoming more skilled at growing a relationship.

Dr. David Schnarch has been the subject of feature articles on NBC-TV Dateline, Town and Country Magazine, and CNBC-TV Real Personal. He has appeared on Today, and Good Morning America, and in USA Today, The Washington Post, Associated Press, Family Therapy Networker, Psychology Today, Self, Shape, and Mirabella. His work has been cited in Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, McCall’s, Glamour, Redbook, and other magazines. He’s been featured in television, radio, and print media around the globe.


2 Responses to “Show 001: Dr. David Schnarch”

  1. Ade Says:

    I like that. It is soooo true. Often relationship fall apart beacuse it didn’t start off right. If you have a good foundation, then you can definitely keep the relationship new and fresh. I often find myself looking at my spouse and how much we have in common. It is truly a wonderful thing. I would tell anyone that is trying to regain intimacy or renew intimacy to look at how it all started. If you started right, then you can definitely finish right, 50yrs plus years down the road.

  2. Mary Kaye Thrift Says:

    Hearing David speak is one of the things that has influenced me profoundly. I am a person that was born in the past generations, and DID not learn about sex in a way that functioned…… guilt, virgin/whole view. For me, I want what is true, even if it may be hard. In the end, it is such a relief… he told me what I suspected, was searching for, but had no words for, nor reliable resources to look to. Thank you so much! You save lives, Wendy! Love you!

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