Show 005: Rachel Herz

October 27th, 2012

The universal emotion of disgust is one that is both intrinsic to our survival protecting us from external poisons, but also in surprising ways prevents us from having to confront our own weaknesses and even mortality.   Listen as psychologist and author, Rachel Herz illuminates us about how what we find disgusting uniquely reflects our personality, how we treat others and what we find most fascinating.
Don’t miss this compelling conversation that will forever alter how you perceive what disgusts you.

A world-renowned expert on the psychology of smell, Dr. Rachel Herz is a published author of both books and numerous research publications. She is also a valued consultant to the world’s largest aromachemical companies, a budding entrepreneur, and teaches at Brown University.



2 Responses to “Show 005: Rachel Herz”

  1. Mary Kaye Thrift Says:

    I am not shocked by very much, but this program deeply “disgusted” me, as it was supposed to do, and shocked me. The depravity of human behavior really moves me, and we are so capable of the opposite. I love this chance to comment. I am a full-time, long-time listener to your L.A. Talk Radio Show, and have followed you here! Bravo! They need to put you on Dr. Oz! Oprah! I pass you onto college students, and anyone else that mentions something pertinent to one of your talks… my daughter! I put you on, and exercise or do the dishes, or both! Thanks for all you do! You reach farther than you know! That is success!

  2. Mary Kaye Thrift Says:

    Thanks Wendy for this program. This is an eye-opener. I always listen more than once! I learn more each time. Your programs, yourself and your guests have informed me and changed my life! Thank you!

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